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First: Isn't this something for kde-multimedia list?

On Monday 30 December 2002 03:50, Florin Andrei wrote:
> I've seen the recent discussion on this mailing list about the
> multimedia issues. IMO, the real issue is not using one player or
> another, the issue is to have an infrastructure that makes sense.
> Have a look at this site:
> Usually, xine is known as a "multimedia player" but that's misleading.
> In actual fact, xine is a library. Its core is xine-lib, with perhaps
> half a dozen different interfaces built on top of it, if not more
> (including xine-ui, the "official" GUI).

Just look into kde. - xine is used.

Just look into kdemultimedia: They are having a lot of trouble because of the 
xine-lib not beeing BC in its releases.

Perhaps you should contact Neil Stevens and co...

Now it gets off-topic:

For me Xine is like aRts: Some like it, some do not. I like aRts and not Xine, 
its not that beautiful thing you call it. mplayer, ogle and aviplay are my 
favourites. All called with artsdsp before it command;-)

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