[Bug 50183] crashes with playing streamed files with kioslaves

Sebastian Voitzsch sebastian.voitzsch at web.de
Thu Dec 5 00:37:08 GMT 2002

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------- Additional Comments From sebastian.voitzsch at web.de  2002-12-05 01:37 -------
The crash I fixed occurs on two conditions; a) the source of the stream is not a local file 
and b) arts can´t/won´t play the media (may be verified by starting artsd manually with 
artsd -l0) for some reason (wrong mimetype, format not supported for streaming etc.). In 
that case no PlayObject will be created. But the stream is always there as it´s neccessary 
to determine the mimetype. When the stream is closed after arts denied playing, the crash 
The fix I did is to start the stream, wait for the mimetype to be recognized, stop the stream, 
then create the PlayObject and start the stream again only if the PlayObject was created. 
Additionally, there must be no endPull()-call bevore a startPull() command was sent to the 
#50128 may also be affected; my test after applying the patch was successfull with both 
ogg and mp3.

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