mcop warning: user defined signal handler found for SIG_PIPE, overriding

Scott Wheeler wheeler at
Wed Dec 4 14:13:39 GMT 2002

I just repsonded to the personal mail that AG sent to me.  AG, I actually 
wrote the responce yesterday, but my laptop and I just found our way to an 
internet connection today.  ;-)

For the list:  basically my repsonce was that aRts doesn't auto-suspend in 
full duplex mode and that for non-aRts applications to produce sound that you 
need to use "artsdsp".


On Wednesday 04 December 2002 12:52, AG wrote:
> I'm running a multimedia Linux Desktop. 
> My distro is Slackware 8.1(2.4.18), KDE 3.0.1.
> I'm using the SB128 PCI (full-duplex) Soundcard (ENS1370) or Ensoniq.
> ALSA is my sound architecture (alsa-lib-0.9,alsa-driver-0.9, etc). 
> My apps are the following (mplayer 0.9,realplayer 7.0, GAIM 0.59)
> Eventually, I'll also run Gnomemeeting 0.94.
> Problem:
> While running GAIM, I consistently get the dreaded -> 
> mcop warning:
> user defined signal handler found for SIG_PIPE, overriding.
> Although, I do have system/events sound, I cannot seem to get
> application sound
> from GAIM or RealPlayer.
> I have all of the pertinent ALSA OSS emulation modules loaded(PCM,
> etc)..
> I've discovered that my Slack 8.1 precompiled KDE 3.0.1 pkg doesn't have
> support for ALSA. 
> <-snip->
> root at rufnek:/# artsd -l0 -a alsa
> gsl: using Unix98 pthreads directly for mutexes and conditions
> Error while initializing the sound driver:
> unable to select 'alsa' style audio I/O
> <-snip->
> It appears that I do have the default OSS support ->
> <-snip->
> root at rufnek:/# artsd -l0
> gsl: using Unix98 pthreads directly for mutexes and conditions
> autodetecting driver:
> - toss: 4
> - null: -1
> - oss: 10
> ... which means we'll default to oss
> device capabilities: revision0 duplex realtime batch trigger mmap
> buffering: 7 fragments with 1024 bytes (audio latency is 40.6 ms)
> Error while initializing the sound driver:
> can't start sound i/o
> <-snip->
> If this is the case, would it be easier to abandon ALSA and convert
> back to native OSS drivers?  
> Actually, I would prefer to use ALSA b/c its ENS1371 driver
> is full-duplex; whereas its OSS counterpart does not have
> full-duplex capability..
> Any help would be much appreciated..
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