Is this an appropriate place for XMLPlaylist discussion?

Richard Jones rjones at
Sun Dec 1 01:02:23 GMT 2002

On Sun, 1 Dec 2002 5:18 am, Charles Samuels wrote:
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> On Friday 29 November 2002 3:33, Richard Jones wrote:
> > I'm writing a PyQt ogg/mp3 player and it's going to handle XMLPlaylist
> > format files. I know the current spec on the noatun website is not up to
> > date - is there a more up to date document describing the spec? I also
> > note that Noatun doesn't store the track number - I'll be adding that to
> > the spec if it's not already there.
> Noatun does store the track number, in the "track" field (!) ;).

Hurm - my noatun-generated list doesn't have the track numbers. It was 
generated a fair time ago though. I should've generated a more recent one 
before I posted, sorry :)

> If you'd like any additions made to the document, please mention.

I guess it'd be good to just have it up to date with what Noatun writes.


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