Kontact Touch 4.8 Packages (conflict free installation)

Volker Krause vkrause at kde.org
Sat Jan 28 13:13:00 UTC 2012


just tried this on a fresh N9, indeed a *huge* improvement over last time I 
installed it, great job! :)

I only found one issue, dirmngr depends on adduser, which seems to be only 
available in the rzr repo. So, I had to manually download and install that.

Apart from that I only spotted another minor thing that could be improved, the 
*-pth versions of gpgme are not used if the *-pthread version is available 
IIRC, so we could skip a few small packages there.


On Tuesday 24 January 2012 19:06:50 Andre Heinecke wrote:
> Hello,
> I finally did some repackaging of Kontact Touch last week. Most importantly
> the community repository of the meego build server is no longer needed so
> there are no more conflicts when installing the packages on the device.
> The documentation at: http://userbase.kde.org/Kontact_Touch/Harmattan
> was updated accordingly.
> It was also reported to me that the N9 does not handle a full /home
> directory gracefully. I added a note in the userbase article under
> additional notes how to move the akonadi db to your MyDocs directory.
> Quick summary:
> If you did not have kontact touch installed before you can ignore steps 1
> and 2.
> 1. If you already had old packages installed first bring your device back
> into an "unhacked" state e.g. reinstall the mp-harmattan package, let it
> uninstall conflicting stuff etc.,
> 2. Remove the rzr repository from your apt sources
> (for example if you had it in community.list as described in the wiki you
> can overwrite this file by executing:
> echo "deb http://harmattan-dev.nokia.com/ harmattan/sdk free non-free
> deb https://files.kolab.org/local/maemo/dists/harmattan ./"
> > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/community.list
> 3. apt-get update (To get the new package information)
> 4. apt-get install -o DPkg::Options::=--force-overwrite kdepim-mobile
> (For details why the force overwrite is necessary see:
> http://userbase.kde.org/Kontact_Touch/Harmattan#Known_problems_.28Version_20
> 120124.29 )
> 5. Enjoy :)
> If you have any questions especially trouble with step 1 feel free to
> contact me per mail or in irc (nick aheinecke on freenode)
> Regards
> Andre
> P.S.
> You can also now add a deb-src entry for files.kolab.org and rebuild use the
> nice debian tools like apt-get source apt-get builddep etc. to quickly
> rebuild packages that you want modified. If you want to contribute to the
> packages from files kolab org please contact me.
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