Kontact Touch blockers on Maemo

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at intevation.de
Mon Mar 21 10:13:55 CET 2011

Hi George,

Am Samstag, 19. März 2011 13:04:15 schrieb George Ruinelli:
> 1. Its seems that you only can use contacts, calendar and other apps, if
> you have a kolab server available. I do not know any one or any service who
> provides this. So most people can not use those apps. I would wish some of
> the other akonadi interfaces, like for google or exchange.

local folders should work fine and we could make other imap servers work.
I am not sure right now, but we might miss a button to create local folders.

> 2. Beside of point 1, it also would be great if akonadi could use the maemo
> databases of the contacts, calendar, email account. As maemo already has a
> good working mail for exchange client this would be a great advantage.

I agree, this needs work by someone to write the necessary resources, though.

> Right now I use my emails over IMAP but the contacts/calendar are synced to
> google over a commercial service provider. I could not get the direct
> syncing with syncML  and so on working properly.
> 3. Start up of an app is very slow, for a while I even only see a white
> screen. I know that the start up might not be fastened due the data to be
> loaded, so I could live with that.

We could hide this a bit, if we'd put the backend startup at boot time. So it 
would feel faster the first time you open a frontend. Otherwise we are at the 
border of what the device can handle.

> 4. I tried to open a link in an email (a facebook comment notification).
> There was no interaction feedback, so i pushed it several times.After a
> moment several transfer windows opened. It seems they tried to download
> this links. Then they wanted to open it with my debian installer. There
> should be a way that links get opened with the default webbrowser. Same for
> attachments. They should be able to get opened with an editor, image viewer
> or freeoffice.

Uh at least http links should work for the webbrowser. As far as I remember
there were some defect with default browsers on Maemo5, but I am not sure 

> 5. In my kmail account list, I can see my IMAP account, a local folder
> account and 8 akonadi maildir resources. Why are they there?what are they
> for? I can not edit them (but delete is available)

I am not sure they should be there. Maybe you should file an issue with a 

> Beside of that I really like kmail.
> The flaps on the side are cool once you get used to them.

If you like to help, what can be done is that you are trying to make sure that 
we have a qualified report on bugs.kde.org. This raises the chances that any 
developer will pick it up. Come back here with issues that you believe are of 
high importance or any other summary. P

Of course you are already helping by testing Kontact Touch! Thanks!


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