How to have smooth fonts on MeeGo for KDE programs?

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at
Thu Nov 25 17:56:35 CET 2010


meanwhile I have uploaded initial spec files for kdesdk and kdeutils (don't 
look at them, still only quickly hacked OpenSUSE ones) to Mek's space. But 
builds fine, at least what is enabled, so e.g. Ark, KCalc and Okteta are now 
waiting for you as packages in Mek's space :)

But how do I get smooth fonts? Did not find it in the wiki, and just adding 
to [General] in kdeglobals did not help, also after running kbuildsycoca4.

What else need I do? Is there a bitmap font used as default, or what was the 

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