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JD Zheng entropy.zjd at gmail.com
Mon Jun 14 17:12:23 CEST 2010


I just subscribe to this maillist as I am very interested in KDE in mobile
world. I have been a long time KDE user and embedded software developer at
work and in spare time, and I am looking for an unified UI/App framework for
Mobile and Desktop environment and hope I can contribute. Seems KDE is
heading that direction.

I read kde-maemo maillist before but as it is gone now, I am unable to find
more profile concept detail. I'd like to understand it in details, such as
how to build different profiles and how they are defined, etc.

I understand latest KDE SVN trunk is needed and I managed get it built on my
Kubuntu 10.04 machine.It was unexpectedly difficult to me :-(. I am
wondering what distro do you normally used for building and testing for both
x86 and ARM so that maybe I can stay away from these building hassles
(though I prefer Debain ones:-) ).

JD Zheng
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