New KDE PIM packages for MeeGo

Volker Krause vkrause at
Sun Dec 12 15:15:30 CET 2010


the MeeGo packages of KDE PIM have been completely reworked, now having the 
same fine-grained layout we already have in kdelibs and in the Maemo5 
packages. This should reduce the download/install size considerably and 
should fix various dependency issues. 

However, it likely breaks the update for those of you already having the 
previous ones installed. The following workaround should help:
zypper rm kdepimlibs4
zypper in kontact[-touch]

Unlike on Maemo5, we have packages for both the desktop and mobile versions, 
since MeeGo covers a much broader device spectrum. Not included are the apps 
that still have Qt3Support or KCal dependencies, which are not available on 
MeeGo (knode, kalarm, blogilo, akregator, etc).

There are still a few known issues, such as no automatic update of the mime 
database, but those should be fixable without breaking things again.


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