[Kde-mobile-users] kmail-mobile / N900 - first impressions

Rolf Offermanns rolf.offermanns at gmx.net
Thu Jun 10 10:25:58 CEST 2010

On 06/09/2010 04:35 PM, Björn Balazs wrote:
> On Wednesday 09 June 2010 12:11:33 Rolf Offermanns wrote:
>> - The "actions" slider is unintuitive. It looks like a slide-out button,
>> but in fact, you have to pull and push it.
> This is a good comment for the user-ML :)
> What do other people think of this?
> How does it feel after some time of useing it?

It still feels wrong. In fact I don't think there is anything close to
this kind of UI concept: A "menu" kind of thing which you have to draw open.

- In the meantime I have finally managed to setup an imap account.

- I think the "new window to write email" design does not fit the rest
of the concept. I did not notice the opening of the new window and was
looking for some sort of "back" or "cancel" button. Only when I clicked
the task-switcher (what's the right name for this thingy?) in the top
left corner, I saw that I was in fact in a new window. I expected the
new mail dialog be more like the rest UI, e.g. all other stuff slides
aside and the new elements appear. More like in the "read email" case.

- Back to the "home screen". The meaning of the "select" button on the
bottom is not obvious to me. It seems to be some virtual folder stuff,
but I don't get it.

- Server settings: The akonadi resources should appear in the home
screen the moment they are created, not when the folder list is
complete/incoming. Otherwise the user has no way to change the settings
for an account (leaving akonadiconsole out here) and if something is
wrong with the setup (and with the current wizard, I guess this is the
most common case) there will be no folders and hence no way to setup button.

Talking about the setup dialog. At the moment it is possible to scroll
horizontally and once you shifted the dialog elements "out-of-screen"
there is no way to get them back into view other than closing and
reopening the dialog. Same behaviour in akonadiconsole.

I am not complaining, just listing the things I noticed.


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