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Jan Malte Gerth mail at malte-gerth.de
Wed Jun 9 19:09:31 CEST 2010

Am Mittwoch 09 Juni 2010, 16:35:34 schrieb Björn Balazs:
> On Wednesday 09 June 2010 12:11:33 Rolf Offermanns wrote:
> > - The "actions" slider is unintuitive. It looks like a slide-out
> > button, but in fact, you have to pull and push it.
> This is a good comment for the user-ML :)
> What do other people think of this?
> How does it feel after some time of useing it?
> Cheers,
> Björn
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Thank you Björn. I really like the "vision" for this ML.

According to this statement i want to share some thoughts about kde 
1. Sync: keep you contacts and events in sync with the desktop is the 
most important point i think. Email clients exists for most mobile 
phones. Most of them are very well integrated into the phone os.

2. flags: like mails can get flags in kmail these flags should be used on 
kde mobile too. So tagging something as family or work should be also 
available on the other client.

3. applications: as already said, starting with kontact is the right 
way i think. but other basic applications should follow soon i think. 
a simple and working text editor is missing on most mobile phones. 
this is where kwrite or kate could go.

4. UI: The interface of the applications must be very clean. having 
the desktop known menu bar with "file" "edit" "options" is something 
which shouldn't be used on mobile phones as they are navigated with 
touch instead of a pointer. The way how nativ N900 applications handle 
this seems good to me. tapping on the top of an application shows the 
available menu points like options, save and open. Having the most 
used menu points right there and settle the remaing under an option 
"more" would give a better workflow for me.

5. speed: time is something which is very rare while using a mobile 
phone. so the startup time and main processes shouldn't  be very long. 
if i want to check my mails i don't have the time to wait 2 minutes 
until the applications is ready. i just want to make two clicks and 
see if there are new informations for me.

6. passwords: having kwallet in sync would be great.

7. kio: having the full kio protocol support on my N900 would be great 
to access the music on my desktop with fish:// and make some changes 
with kwrite on a website with ftp:// .

8. plasma: using plasmoids on the mobile phone could be great. having 
a big clock at the workspace and the weather right below saves time to 
start several applications to get the same informations.

To conclude i have to say, the N900 interface looks very good for me. 
but i just can't image a better way. maybe someone else has an idea.

Jan Malte Gerth
anmeldungen at malte-gerth.de

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