Translations on Mac (was Translations)

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Sat Sep 9 20:44:35 UTC 2017

On Sunday September 10 2017 08:06:34 Ben Cooksley wrote:

>Please see
>The paths in question are any where <APPDIR> is referenced.
>Quoting the Qt documentation here: "<APPDIR> is the directory
>containing the application executable."
>This means DataLocation, AppDataLocation and AppLocalDataLocation will
>all look at locations inside the bundle if possible.

Hmm, it's indeed possible that those locations are appended to the list of locations I provided *IF* the application was built as a bundle. I'd have to build qtdiag or qtpaths that way to confirm (or look at the source...)

Still, those are just additional options where code can look if no hit is obtained elsewhere. It's never the writable location, so my idea of using qtpaths or a similar dedicated utility to query the QSP writable locations isn't going to work to determine install locations inside an app bundle.

It would fit in with suggestions I made earlier to implement something like a APPLE_STANDALONE_APPBUNDLE CMake option to control whether (or not) Mac builds should lead to a standalone app bundle (= one with everything inside the bundle).


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