D5825: kcheckpass: Add support in for non-Linux platforms via kevent.

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Mon May 29 08:21:21 UTC 2017

rjvbb added a comment.

  In https://phabricator.kde.org/D5825#109698, @tcberner wrote:
  > I have not yet had time to test it at all :)
  Do you actually intend to test this on Mac? I laud and applaud the initiative but I see only one way that the package will ever get used on Mac - providing KWin as a standalone alternative *X11* window manager for use under XQuartz (knowing that XQuartz currently doesn't support compositing). And that's not possible with stock Qt (not until some of us team up to polish my PoC Qt/XCB-on-Mac patches and submit them for upstream incorporation; the Qt guys are likely to accept them as it'd fit with their policy and there might be a "market").
  FWIW, funny coincidence, I did manage to build kscreenlocker 5.9.3 on Mac last week, simply #ifdeffing-out parts of the code that where Linux specific or required an X11 KWindowSystem build (I just build the plugin). The screenlocker blacks out the screen but lacking keyboard event support it had to be killed. Or just quit via the native Mac menu item, which kind of defeats the purpose of a screenlocker ;)
  FWIW2: if you feel like starting a crusade against linuxisms, please do start with libwayland. It has a number of those (signalfd, epoll) which stand in the way of bringing Wayland to Mac, and there'd definitely be a market for that.

  R133 KScreenLocker


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