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René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Fri May 12 13:51:58 UTC 2017

On Friday May 12 2017 14:15:28 meik michalke wrote:

>compiled for (at least major release-wise). but it compiles with stock 
>releases from CRAN, i.e., you don't have to use MacPorts R. that is actually 

Hmm, a MacPorts package will need to depend on the MacPorts R. I'll see when I have a bit of time.

>i've been using MacPorts for a while and am totally ok with it, but it's a 
>show stopper for our regular students to convince them to compile software for 
>hours just to get a statistics app.

That's understandable. A priori they shouldn't have to, MacPorts has binary packages. My KF5 ports and related ports aren't yet (still not...) incorporated, which means they indeed have to be built locally, though that could be done on a single machine if someone figures out how to set up an alternative binary image server.

I don't actually remember which R gui I used back in the day. Nothing that had big dependencies like Qt, I think there was (is?) a native one for Mac.

>can i mix Qt from MacPorts with craft just like that?

Presuming craft can work with any Qt install then yes. You'll have to point it to the where MacPorts installs the stuff but I guess that's not any different with other kind of Qt installs.
The Qt5 port currently in MacPorts is still at 5.7.1 but is "stock" with just a few bug fixes.

>hm, so what's the story behind the web instructions? did anybody actually test 
>them, or is it more like "we guess this might do it"?

I have no idea. I presume they were correct at some point, and then kept up to date whenever someone felt like it.
Judging from what I hear from people like Christoph Cullmann and Gilles Caulier everyone ends up rolling their own.
If you are now running into issues with craft that might mean that it hasn't been properly tested on Mac, and your experience could thus be valuable.

>if it's possible to build the kf5 version of RKWard with MacPorts *and* get a 
>much smaller bundle in the end, i'm all for it. for me building an installable 
>package in the end is the most important goal here.

Well, MacPorts does have support for creating installer dmg images. I've never really tried them, but I think they create full installers that recreate the whole /opt/local as far as needed for a given product. I have no idea how that works if you want to install products with shared dependencies like kate and rkward. If underneath the installer uses the MacPorts install command then that should work just fine.
If you already have MacPorts it should be easy to experiment with a few ports and you can always ask on the macports-users mailing list if you have questions.


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