Building RKWard on Mac (continued from private discussion)

Thomas Friedrichsmeier thomas.friedrichsmeier at
Thu Jun 8 08:13:35 UTC 2017


last things first:

> > > The whole KDE-Mac thing is apparently still very confidential,
> > > given the lack of activity on the mailing list.  
> > 
> > Perhaps we should continue our discussion, there, then?  
> We could start CC'ing the list, but realise that lack of activity
> also may mean lack of people reading the messages...

I believe we're all on the list, already. So let's apply some
calculated optimism, and assume that seeing others talk about KDE on
Mac might remind other application maintainers of the existence of Macs
as well.

Also note that KDE on Windows has recently made some _really_ good
progress in making it easy and fast to set up a KF5-Windows development
environment. Maybe that will help create some momentum for
cross-platform KDE in general.

On Wed, 07 Jun 2017 21:01:58 +0200
René J.V. Bertin <rjvbertin at> wrote:
> On Wednesday June 07 2017 20:18:36 Thomas Friedrichsmeier wrote:
> > Ok, I now have a running kf5-rkward-devel port, with only minimal  
> Good news! :)
> > additional tinkering (setting the git branch to
> > work/frameworks-Mac,  
> Why, given that the port's git.branch is set to a commit in that
> branch?

Because I needed some commits later on that branch.
> > I'm still missing all icons to be loaded from the theme.  
> That's curious, supposing you installed port:qt5-kde that should
> work. Unless you didn't install any icon themes, maybe? Note that I'm
> not really certain what theme would be selected if you don't specify
> one. You could try this:
> %> sudo port install Ciment-icons +OSXdg+kf5  
> (that should also install kf5-oxygen-icons5 and the hicolor theme)

For the record, I already had kf5-breeze-icons installed. Adding this
did not change anything.
  kiconfinder5 edit-find
returns nothing.

Any environment variables involved or some such?

> > Interestingly,
> > _without_ any failure message, so somehow, a valid nothing appears
> > to get loaded.  
> Yes, icon-from-theme lookups fail silently and just return an empty
> icon.

Hm, not very useful, if you ask me, but I suppose that's Qt's fault?

> > I tried installing kf5-osx-integration-devel, thinking this
> > might be the missing ingredient, but that fails to build.  
> Ah? That shouldn't happen, I'd be interested in a logfile (preferably
> made with I build the code regularly myself, though
> not usually from scratch, and always with the +menukey variant.

Pretty trivial git failure, it would seem:

> > Ok, please check
> >  
> Will do ASAP.
> > For qt5-kde I see your point. BTW, is qt5-kde expected to break
> > something that works with qt5, ATM,  
> No, qt5-kde is supposed to be a drop-in replacement for the
> "official" Qt5 ports, with the usual caveats when it provides a newer
> Qt version as it currently does. Going back to the Qt5 ports is less
> trivial and probably requires rebuilding. But anything that breaks
> would be a bug.
> > i.e. would this continue to be a
> > separate variant/sub-port? Or would the plan be to _replace_ qt5,
> > eventually?  
> No. We have a 2-captains-on-a-ship situation there, 2 highly complex
> ports with different approaches that can also not be merged into a
> single port. The only hope here would be upstreaming the most crucial
> patches into Qt, but frankly I don't really see that happening
> anymore.

I have no actual idea on the technicalities, but somehow I fail to
imagine what technical issues could totally prevent the ports to be
merged. Is this more of an "I don't believe your patches are
needed"-kind of problem?

Just asking, because having two mutually exclusive qt5 ports does not
seem like a terribly elegant solution to me, in the long run...

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