KDE Emerge emerged as Craft

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Tue Nov 22 09:12:56 UTC 2016

On Tuesday November 22 2016 09:52:47 Hannah von Reth wrote:

Hi Hannah,

You have a point about being cross-platform. It's a bit of a pity Craft didn't exist as such 1-2 years ago when I started using the same MacPorts "recipes" on Linux as I use on Mac. Then again once you have a considerable collection of recipes for one system it may be too much of a significant effort to port them to another system.

Apparently you list HomeBrew as a source for Craft's dependencies and as Marko pointed out, they could just as well come from MacPorts (or Fink, presumably). Have you considered submitting Craft to those distributions to make it more easily available?

Using a system that comes from MS Windows on Unix-based platforms is an interesting novel approach, usually this works the other way round :)

>The unix support in Craft is rather new and was only merged back rather recently.
>Why to use Craft on Mac?I think with Kraft we have a focused cross platform source of packages, we should join forces and not try to do something different on each and every platform. Using Craft we can ensure that we have up to date recipes on all platforms. The cross platform availability of Craft is also an argument for the developers who want to provide packages for their application them self, they don't have to learn 10 tools but only one.


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