[KDE/Mac] plasma-desktop on other environments (bis)

Kai Uwe Broulik kde at privat.broulik.de
Sun May 22 16:43:34 UTC 2016

> Yes, but without the KCM the only way of letting applications use the right translation is setting it for each application - if they even provide the menu 
to that effect.

You shouldn't have to set that up, it should use the translation for whatever language your system is configured. 

> I think that's the most straightforward fix too as 
there apparently is no way to provide just something like a font theme.


> Look at Google Chrome and even Firefox; just how different do they look on the different platforms?

They look the same but then terrible everywhere... :)

> I am definitely more at ease with an application that has a compact interface, uses a "semiserif" font in Medium/Demi-bold for text-only toolbars

Then you should configure your system to use that, and if it doesn't provide that, tough luck. In my opinion an application has no right to enforce its way of doing things like tabs on the user just because it thinks it's better - if the system has opted for a "worse" design we're obliged to implement it.

> What Plasma platform theme, the one in plasma-integration? That won't be used on OS X. It's been a while, but I'm pretty confident that I changed those mappings to platform-native mappings in my version of the platform theme.

The Qt os x platform theme maps shortcuts to eg Cmd+C already. 

> Why would this be different on different platforms?

Because on OS x we are not the platform but applications within another. If I want to use Kate I don't want to have a gazillion services running, perhaps even after the application has quit. Imagine running Notepad++ and it did that.

> I find the Oxygen theme to correspond better

Definitely matches the 3d style icons better indeed.

> It is certainly true that for MacPorts we consider something like a KF5 family, which all share the same Qt and KF5 libraries, use shared resources as on any 
other Unix, etc.

Okay, I on the other hand want to be able to just use Kate or Dolphin as standalone applications without pulling in all of the backend services.

> KWallet

Os x has a Keychain system and I would expect applications to use it, running KWallet there instead would be a really bad idea, especially given how many complaints we get in Plasma already for it being intrusive. 

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