[KDE/Mac] plasma-desktop on other environments (bis)

Kai Uwe Broulik kde at privat.broulik.de
Sat May 21 18:44:22 UTC 2016


thanks for your effort but I don't see any part in p-d, at least not the bits that you left enabled for os x, that would be of use or should be used outside a Plasma session:

Let's do a quick run-down on the KCMs provided by plasma-desktop:

The following are redundant with the system-provided ones:
* Keyboard
* Input
* Access
* Dateandtime
* hardware (joystick)
* desktoppaths
* componentchooser
* formats
* translations
* useraccounts
* cursortheme
* touchpad
* fonts

The following could be used but should not:
* Colors - KDE applications should just follow the system's colors
* Style - KDE applications should just use the native theme provided by Qt (eg. Vista or Aqua)
* Standard actions (that's for changing defaults like Ctrl+C) - KDE applications should just follow the system's shortcuts which Qt's QPA already takes care of

The following are unneccessary because we don't provide/have to provide that feature outside a full Plasma session:
* Autostart
* Ksplash
* Launch (the bouncing launch feedback cursor)
* Desktoptheme (we don't have Plasma outside of Plasma)
* Global shortcuts
* KSMServer
* Look and feel
* Activities
* kded (perhaps we have a kded running, in this case: wtf)
* Phonon (why does this thing even still exist)
* Runners
* workspaceoptions
* baloo
* solid_actions

The following I have no idea what they even do:
* Krdb

The only ones I could see being used outside of Plasma, but then I don't really want a "systemsettings" application, so better the app that uses it should provide it:
* emoticons - a chat app should proxy that kcm into its own settings
* icons - might be desirable for the user to change but then we could also enforce Breeze icons on other platforms as part of our design, especially on Windows it's perfectly normal for every app to apply their stupid "we are so special" custom design on the user, so we might as well do the same ;)
* knotify - the app itself usually has an entry to configure those from within the app; btw we need a windows backend for KNotification :)
* spellchecking - but then Sonnet should follow / use the platform's settings and dictionary

As for non-KCMs, both OSX and Windows provide a native replacement for KNetattach.

Kai Uwe

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