René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Mon Dec 26 20:34:31 UTC 2016

On Monday December 26 2016 20:18:39 Jaroslaw Staniek wrote:
>​These are great news​, ​René!
>Maybe I am repeating myself but the enforcement of the widget style and
>icon theme is dictated by a specific approach: maintainer of a style is
>free to add the style/theme and even change the default or add an

I didn't deactivate anything to force a particular applications style, so I'm not sure which enforcement of widget style you're hinting at. For Breeze I just deactivate the check in the toplevel CMake file because the packaging system ensures that the icon theme is present.

Do note that all this probably won't work with an unpatched Qt where QStandardPaths returns very different locations and icon themes can only be installed as an embedded resource. For application styles it's even more difficult: if you want the full theming including fonts and colour palettes you need to provide your own platform theme plugin (basically, the KDE platform theme plugin from plasma-integration, or rather the Mac-specific version from my osx-integration "scratch" repo).

>Unless these contributions are here I am a bit afraid we're risking
>inconsistencies between platforms and inferior experience on Mac (no docs,
>incomplete icon theme or styles).

You must have misunderstood something: the experience *is* inferior on Mac ATM, with a stock Qt and without jumping through a certain number of hoops. It would be much easier and in line with consensus among KDE devs to ensure that Kexi works with the Macintosh native theme. Using Breeze icons with that isn't an issue of course; there are even instructions on creating the required embeddable resource (by Kate's author, Christoph Cullmann).

Those instructions might even be useful to figure out how to create the icons.rcc resource during Kexi's build (and then to be installed as a Kexi-specific resource), I think that would be a more elegant and cleaner approach than depending on the resource's presence.

>I'm sorry if this conservative talk sounds like raising a bar.

I don't mind. I really don't like Breeze (theme nor style), but as long as I don't have any use for Kexi personally (currently a simple fact) I'm much less concerned by choices that affect the interface appearance than I would be with, say, KDevelop or digiKam. 

I may have a bit of time this week to look at the file dialog question.

About that: Kexi just finished building on my Linux rig, and I get a very similar issue when I use the import wizard to import a database and then open the dialog configure drop-down menu. With the QtCurve menu the mouse and keyboard are grabbed, meaning I have to use a remote connection (or a timed kill command) to get out of the ensuing deadlock. This doesn't happen in any other application, so something fishy is going on here. (Evidently there's no mouse or keyboard grab on Mac, not in the X11 sense in any case).


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