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I just noticed this email. I've done initial work on mac two years ago.
Ive been totally inactive lately as i have started new work and for the
year it took  all of my focus. I would like to join as im mac user and
really enjoyed working on kexi on linux back in the day. So if someone can
help me out how to start and what can I do I will gladly join you :-))


26.12.2016 19:14 "René J.V. Bertin" <rjvbertin at> napisał(a):

> Hi,
> A little FYI/thumbs-up ... despite plans to get Karbon working on Mac
> first it's Kexi that won in the end.
> Not the standalone, all-inclusive app bundle some might be hoping for, but
> a MacPorts package (port):
> I've committed a few minor patches (building and installing the app icon,
> building the handbook) but there's need for more work: the interface is
> completely messed up when using the native Macintosh widget style.
> This *may* be the kind of glitch that made KCalc unusable with the native
> style.
> Additionally there's an issue with the file dialog; the menu for choosing
> the sorting and display mode opens but doesn't work, and drop-down
> completion lists appear in the background. These features work in other KF5
> applications.
> Maybe Kexi shouldn't try to impose the Breeze iconset on Mac?
> R.
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