René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Mon Dec 26 18:13:49 UTC 2016


A little FYI/thumbs-up ... despite plans to get Karbon working on Mac first it's Kexi that won in the end.

Not the standalone, all-inclusive app bundle some might be hoping for, but a MacPorts package (port):

I've committed a few minor patches (building and installing the app icon, building the handbook) but there's need for more work: the interface is completely messed up when using the native Macintosh widget style.

This *may* be the kind of glitch that made KCalc unusable with the native style.

Additionally there's an issue with the file dialog; the menu for choosing the sorting and display mode opens but doesn't work, and drop-down completion lists appear in the background. These features work in other KF5 applications.

Maybe Kexi shouldn't try to impose the Breeze iconset on Mac?


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