Review Request 128732: A cleaner method to determine whether changing application styles should be supported

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Fri Aug 26 10:47:06 UTC 2016

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Review request for Digikam and KDE Software on Mac OS X.


Submitted with commit 40680334eeb1f71ffc653fc01fc62f4259a7c41f by Gilles Caulier to branch master.

Repository: digikam


Since 5.1.0 digikam has been hardwiring Qt's `Fusion` application style on certain platforms. From what I understand, the platforms where this is a good idea (in most cases) are Mac OS X and MS Windows.

Yet, the code currently activates application style support only on Linux (by checking Qt's `Q_OS_LINUX` token). That means other Unix versions using X11 run into a regression, and it also makes it impossible to reactivate the style support on the target platforms in cases where application styles work as expected there (e.g. MacPorts with the `qt5-kde` port on OS X).

This patch introduces a proper CMake option with the appropriate default value (OFF on OS X and MS Windows, ON everywhere else), and uses existing mechanisms to export that option setting to the code.
It also disables writing the forced application style setting to the configuration file.

This method can be adapted in time, if and when KDE libraries and functionality are dropped on those platforms, again so that special builds can enjoy the full range of functionality that is possible with them.


  CMakeLists.txt 823ef93 
  app/utils/ f409cb0 
  libs/settings/applicationsettings.cpp 71efa00 
  showfoto/main/showfotosettings.cpp 0a46d61 
  showfoto/setup/showfotosetupmisc.cpp fb190c2 
  utilities/setup/setupmisc.cpp a183688 



Works as it should on OS X.


René J.V. Bertin

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