[KDE/Mac] [OS X] adding a link module to all KF5 targets

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Wed Sep 23 09:15:06 UTC 2015

Let me just add what me me come to KDE.
That was mostly out of unhappiness with changes in OS X applications and development, and to find replacements for mail and IDE applications (and because I'd seen on Linux that KDE4 was about ripe to be an alternative to the OS X GUI, I was both blissfully and sadly unaware of KF5).
I also use digiKam and KDEnlive but my main applications are Kontact and KDevelop. I could see myself use Karbon at some point when my PPC copy of Illustrator really no longer cuts it, but for the rest I find myself reaching for my older copy of Pages (and Numbers & Keynote) from back when Apple still hadn't ripped out the interesting functionality, and to image processing applications built purely on native APIs.

Maybe this helps put my priorities in perspective ... and now, back to the original question please!


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