[KDE/Mac] Question about goal of Windows/Mac frameworks

Ralf Habacker ralf at habacker.de
Thu Oct 22 06:35:53 UTC 2015

Am 21.10.2015 um 01:19 schrieb Aleix Pol:
> On Wed, Oct 21, 2015 at 1:12 AM, Ralf Habacker <ralf at habacker.de> wrote:
>>> Christoph Cullmann <cullmann at absint.com> hat am 20. Oktober 2015 um 16:49
>>> geschrieben:
>>> That works only, if the applications bundle their ui files in resources,
>>> too, otherwise, they just won't be found
>>> and the applications break, unless you patch again Qt to look in
>>> non-standard locations.
>> yes, the following patch
>> https://build.opensuse.org/package/view_file/home:rhabacker:branches:windows:mingw:win32:Qt54/mingw32-libqt5-qtbase/qt5-qstandardpath-data-location.patch?expand=0
>> is a workaround to fix some of the issues.
> That's why Christoph is saying: "unless you patch again Qt to look in
> non-standard locations.".
umbrello for example depends on about 50 other libraries and packages
Not patching Qt requires to repack every single package :-(, by either
hacking the cmake build system to use different install locations or to
reorder the installed files after cmake installing.

Having Qt support for "standard linux path layout" for example by
extending qt.conf to support QStandardPath (qt.conf is already required
for KDE on Windows) shortcuts this repackaging need completly.


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