[KDE/Mac] Question about goal of Windows/Mac frameworks

Christoph Cullmann cullmann at absint.com
Wed Oct 21 20:12:00 UTC 2015


>> What's important to realize is that deployment under Windows works different
>> to deployment under Linux: In Linux, you have the package manager which
>> automatically drags in all correct dependencies and you are fine.
>> In Windows, such a package manager does not exist. KDE tried to create
>> such a package manager through the emerge/KDE Windows installer, but
>> this is non-standard [on Windows] and simply not what users want.
>> Speaking for Kate or KWrite, we want one downloadable .zip/installer that
>> just installs Kate/KWrite, and that's it. Yes, that implies that Kile,
>> KDevelop, ... will again install Qt and all the required frameworks, but
>> this is how things
>> work on Windows, and that's perfectly fine (size is not an issue).
> Maybe Qt could be shared ?
Maybe, but actually, even with the most dumb application bundle I have created ATM
all stuff together is around 50 MB compressed and installed 125 MB.

This includes a more or less complete Qt (with webkit, some debug plugins and other not used stuff) +
xx of our frameworks and a complete Breeze icon set (and most of the kate plugins).

gekko:Contents cullmann$ du -ms *
92      Frameworks
1       Info.plist
1       MacOS
22      PlugIns
11      Resources

gekko:Contents cullmann$ du -ms .
124     .

You can shrink that, by not bundling things you don't need, and I guess that could save
again 40 - 50 MB.

Still, on a modern machine that means not much, given one MP3 album or some raw photos are already larger.

On a Windows machine, 125 MB are a Joke ;=)
On some Mac, yeah, you have not that much space, but alone Firefox or Chrome are here > 150 MB. I don't think
the current bundle size is that ridiculous.

And the big benefit: One can install my alpha crashy something quality Kate bundle with its Qt something version
and some imaginary Krita bundle that is installed in parallel will NOT be borked!


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