[KDE/Mac] Question about goal of Windows/Mac frameworks

Christoph Cullmann cullmann at absint.com
Tue Oct 20 18:04:12 UTC 2015


> Hi,
> With my Android hat on I very much welcome the initiative. Android is
> more limited in this regard, as you will mostly always want to have
> split packages there and it's how we've been working since the
> beginning.
> I think that for us Qt is a safe base in general. relying on other 3rd
> parties makes things a bit more complex. (e.g. dbus or gstreamer) It's
> always arguable that it is possible to run, but then it can be a
> burden. While on Linux it's preferable to leverage on the system
> infrastructure, we can't expect these to be available elsewhere.
> I can agree to the 3 goals you mentioned, but they feel fuzzy:
> 1) Fully agreed
1) Stock Qt

> 2) What's Global stuff? This could be phrased as: "Frameworks should
> only require resources that can be located with QStandardPaths and can
> be distributed in bundles."
Badly phrased, yes, I think 2) is more like:

2) Can be self-contained shipped in an application bundle (self-installer/mac app bundle).

> 3) non-existing stuff? really? Let's rephrase it as: "Frameworks will
> only be advertised as available on a platform if they are just require
> Qt or other available dependencies on the platform". For example,
> requiring libssh could be an acceptable dependency.
> Regarding dbus especifically, I see the problem in 2). You can bundle
> it, but then if it's already ran by another process the other one will
> have to be used, which is where the dbus mess starts.
Yeah, 3) is perhaps more like:

3) Frameworks shall require only libraries shipped with the target operating system
per default (which is quiet well defined on Win/Mac, but not that well defined on Linux).

That additional stuff might be useful/recommended is clear, IMHO, like you can have
nice git integration if you have libgit2 for KTextEditor, but it works without.


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