[KDE/Mac] [OS X] adding a link module to all KF5 targets

Christoph Cullmann cullmann at absint.com
Thu Oct 15 10:38:22 UTC 2015


I think our two views of this topic are too contrary to come to
some consense, therefore I just want to answer your technical questions
and leave the rest as is.

Others that care about getting their applications to Mac can still tell their opinion,
this is as said anyways only mine, therefore I am not that sure why your mail seems to be so upset.

But I can misread that. In any case: I don't want to upset you.

>>You need nothing to work on Kate beside XCode, Qt + CMake (and yeah, gettext).
> Kate is cute and all, but as a standalone editor I don't see anything it has
> over, say, TextWrangler or its commercial big brother BBEdit.
> Except for the fact it can work as a "kpart", providing the editor component for
> a.o. KDevelop. But can it, in its "nativised" KF5/Mac version? I still have
> seen no answer to that question.
Kate uses KF5TextEditor, which provides the "part", and yes, KF5TextEditor is after
my last patches just a single self-contained library, Kate uses it via linking
without any global strings attached (beside what frameworks like KIO do at the moment)
and KDevelop will just work as fine with that "native" version, if the bundle the KF5TextEditor
dynlib in the application bundle, without any extra files.

And you loose nothing, users still have all the features like having own syntax xml files in the local data
dirs, own scripting files, config, .... But all stuff that is needed by the editor itself
is in resources compiled in on ALL operating systems. Its even faster that way, as
we no longer stat around 200-300 files on each opening of the application using KF5TextEditor.

For me, this is technically the goal for all KF5 frameworks, to be usable by just having the library
and potential needed minimal other things bundled (yes, that might imply asset files and even helper executables/plugins
like for KIO/Sonnet/...).

>>Nothing else above what is shipped with a normal Mac.
> As opposed to a senile Mac? Please weigh your words a bit more..
Technical answer: "Normal Mac" == "What I buy from Apple without any stuff additionally installed"
Perhaps I should have said "plain", "stock", "bare" or "end user".

>>and that I need to install the icons in the right locations.
> Define right?

Right as of now: to get it working at the moment to not have such laughable screenshots and be able to try out what
is still crashing/not working without guessing the buttons.

Right as of later: inside the application bundle either in the "Resources" dir or as Qt resources, like Krita does


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