[KDE/Mac] [OS X] adding a link module to all KF5 targets

Christoph Cullmann cullmann at absint.com
Wed Oct 14 20:12:31 UTC 2015


> FYI: with a bit of help from a friendly Qt developer, I've now been able to come
> up with a QSP patch that includes the necessary "logic" to flip the switch at
> link time using either
> QT += qsp_xdg
> (qmake)


> https://github.com/RJVB/macstrop/blob/master/aqua/qt5-kde-devel/files/fix-qstandardpaths3.patch
> https://github.com/RJVB/macstrop/blob/master/aqua/qt5-kde-devel/files/fix-qstandardpaths-headerspri.patch
> https://github.com/RJVB/macstrop/blob/master/aqua/qt5-kde-devel/files/fix-qsp_fontlocations.patch

isn't this really all going in the completely wrong direction?

I thought we want to have frameworks that work as native on the different operating systems as qt.

That means for Mac we need to make them usable for application bundles. And we need then to decide
which KDE applications make sense on Mac (like Krita, Kate, KDevelop, Dolphin, ...) and make these
applications workable with the frameworks.

For Kate, I already got all up to speed, guess the only thing missing in the Kate application itself are
the plugins which still not find their UI files.

For frameworks, I think KIO and Co. has still a way to go to make them work with bundles.

But now, we start to even patch Qt to make it behave like on Linux/BSD on Mac? Really?
I am already quiet annoyed to see we actually can turn on X11 on Mac, Qt's own X11 backend is not available
per default anyway, which sense makes that?


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