[KDE/Mac] Issues with ports due to new concurrent qt4-mac

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Sat Oct 10 07:18:47 UTC 2015

On Saturday October 10 2015 01:05:43 Marko wrote:


>I have kmymoney4-devel fully installed and working, so I am fine.

Before anyone cries victory: check how KDE applications interact with other Freedesktop/XDG applications that are based on GTk/Gnome rather than on Qt4. Ditto for any Freedesktop/XDG applications that use Qt4 but not KDE; charm might be one, qgit too, but I'm not very familiar with others. KDiff3 can be built without KDE, I guess.

Any runtime resources that are part of Qt and that are to be shared with non-Qt applications (and thus aren't obtained via Qt API calls) will probably be expected in their canonical/traditional location, not in some arbitrary sandbox.

Have you checked QtCurve and other KDE themes? Are they visible through qtconfig too (or by starting a pure Qt app with `-style QtCurve`)?

CC'ing this on KDE-mac to reach a wider but equally concerned audience.


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