[KDE/Mac] Scope of framework integration plugin?

Jan Kundrát jkt at kde.org
Mon Nov 30 15:07:50 UTC 2015

On Monday, 30 November 2015 14:45:41 CET, René J.  V. Bertin wrote:
> Would you really expect Qt to accept a patch 
> that allows generic applications to use font role specifications from KF5?

Yes, I think that such a goal is fully in line with Qt's attempt at being 
reasonably cross-platform.
> They'd rightfully reject such a patch because it'd be up to KF5 
> to provide the glue required to make that work.

Well, whether it's done through a plugin which is provided by the DE and 
injected into Qt's plugin paths or whether it's "just" a DE-specific logic 
that is however maintained within Qt's own git tree, that's a technical 
decision which I think should be answered by Qt developers.

In my experience, the Qt developers usually respond very well to patches in 


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