[KDE/Mac] No luck with building KF5/Frameworks

"Marko Käning" mk-lists at email.de
Sun Mar 22 19:40:13 UTC 2015

Hi Ian,

> I have been trying for a week or two to build KF5/Frameworks using the recipe
> Jeremy sent me early in February, but with no success.

Oh, I thought you had it all up and running already, just like Jeremy... :-|
Sad to hear that it is still quite a challenge to get this up!

> In particular libdbusmenu-qt and polkit-qt-1 failed to build,
> which seemed rather serious, because they come very early in the build.
> Q1. What do libdbusmenu-qt and polkit-qt-1 do?  They are not mentioned in
>         http://api.kde.org/frameworks-api/frameworks5-apidocs/.

Well, polkit-qt-1 is only needed for Linux! My OSX/CI system does NOT build it, since I
disabled it in [1] for kauth:
# KDE Frameworks
#frameworks/kauth: kdesupport/polkit-qt-1
So, no need to try to build it and disable kauth's dependency on it on your end as well!

libdbusmenu-qt build fine here.

> So I ran "sudo port deactivate" on qt4-mac and all of its direct and indirect dependents,
> which is to say a large part of the software I use day-to-day, including kmymoney4
> (vital for my finances).  Then libdbusmenu-qt and polkit-qt-1built and installed OK,
> but since then I have had to deactivate and activate all my KDE4/Qt4 stuff every time
> I want to try building KF5/Frameworks.

This is funny. Cool, you got the two to build... But, as written above, you
don't need it for KF5 to work on OSX!

And yes, it's a must to make sure that KF5 doesn't pick up anything from KDE4...

> Q5. We SHOULD be able to build with -DBUILD_TESTING=TRUE, shouldn't we?
>        Isn't built-in testing one of the quality mantras of KF5?  What is the problem here?

Yes, the OSX/CI system can set it and the testing gets integrated seamlessly.

> Q6. Can we get the Frameworks programmers to clean up the "moc" usages?

Hmmm, my OSX/CI system didn't need any...

> Q7. In the case of frameworks/kio/src/kcms/kio/main.cpp, where IS the correct main.h?

No change needed on OSX/CI to make it build.

> One is Bazaar, yet another source-code control system, that is needed to clone libdbusmenu-qt
> source code from its repository, right at the start.  I installed MacPorts' port bzr @2.6.0_0.

Yep, it is a mentioned dependency on our OSX/CI wiki page [2].

BTW, more dependencies can be found in [3].

> Q8. Is that the correct version of Bazaar?  Can it be mentioned in the build instructions
>        or kdesrc-build scripts or CMake scripts?


> The other is libepoxy, need to build kdeclarative, on which kactivities, plasma-framework
> and krunner in turn depend.  I installed MacPorts' port libepoxy @1.2_0.

That should be fine, although in [3] I make use of libepoxy-devel from our macports-kde repo [4]!

> Q9. Is that the correct version of libepoxy?  Can it be mentioned in the kdesrc-build scripts
>        or https://community.kde.org/Frameworks/Building?  Libepoxy on MacPorts has
>        dependencies mesa and xorg-xproto, but isn't Frameworks/KF5 supposed to be
>        free of X11 and other graphics systems?

Yes, it should be, but sooner or later you again run into dependency on some X11 thing.
With libepoxy-devel I tried to get KF5 again X11-free, though, successfully! :-)
Yet, when I came to have to install opencv for libkface, all X11 stuff came back for me. :(

> Q11. Any ideas on a workaround for building Phonon?  Do we really need it anyway?

I'd like to learn what could be done about that as well...

> Finally, networkmanager-qt fails in CMake because there is no Network Manager.

I don't build it (yet) on OSX/CI.

> Q12. Do I really need any of the 7 modules that fail to build: phonon backends (2),
>        kactivities, plasma-framework, krunner, kimageformats and networkmanager-qt?
>        Can I try to build a simple application now?
Except the latter I can build all of the above.

> I am getting awfully sick of trying to build Frameworks… :-(

I can imagine, don't give up! ;-)
But I do think we need to improve the wiki pages for the kdesrc-build...


[1] http://quickgit.kde.org/?p=clones%2Fwebsites%2Fbuild-kde-org%2Fkaning%2Fmp-osx-ci.git&a=blob&h=501c436603b4aeb80190339dcc74a797ec574954&hb=4673eb2b0e7186b4fc9e79b477e12f9894862d64&f=config%2Fbase%2Fkf5-qt5

[2] https://trac.macports.org/wiki/KDEProblems/KDEMacPortsCI/Status#SomemoresoftwaresuppliedbyMacPorts

[3] http://quickgit.kde.org/?p=clones%2Fwebsites%2Fbuild-kde-org%2Fkaning%2Fmp-osx-ci.git&a=blob&h=38165f9c8e9599438fc5fc04e28f9e485d50e083&hb=4673eb2b0e7186b4fc9e79b477e12f9894862d64&f=ports-list.txt

[4] http://quickgit.kde.org/?p=macports-kde.git&a=tree&h=d576bbfe995754b2f3f4a6ca9dd445c656b9c87c&hb=8e34c9e5a9190ef1fc33ad1305cffe39c62b19d9&f=dports%2Fgraphics%2Flibepoxy-devel

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