[KDE/Mac] develop how to install on mavericks

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Mon Jan 19 17:17:47 UTC 2015

On Monday January 19 2015 17:56:41 Kevin Funk wrote:

> > Other issues are crashing when there are too many open files, not a specific
> > OS X issue I think. A good way to hit that one is to load 2 calligra
> > projects (say, a virgin git checkout and a working copy with local changes)
> > in a single session.
> Yes. This is one of our major issues when it comes to parsing large projects. 
> The CMake plugin creates too many dir watchers.

Isn't there a way to avoid the crash at least? I presume you can keep track of how many files you've been adding, and can also know how many files can be open at a time?

> If we can kdev-clang into shape we'll get ObjC(++) support for free.

Yes, I know that. I don't know where you are with that (and if kdev-clang can be built for KDevelop 4.7). It turns out that Apple doesn't ship llvm-config, and I'd *really* like not to have to install additional clang versions...

> Alright, then I might blog about this giving you guys credit of course.

Sure, no problem. And if you want a contribution you can ask for one, and of course we can always leave comments :)


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