[KDE/Mac] More audio strangeness

Jeremy Whiting jpwhiting at kde.org
Sat Jan 17 04:22:34 UTC 2015

On Fri, Jan 16, 2015 at 3:02 AM, René J.V. <rjvbertin at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Thursday January 15 2015 19:02:00 Jeremy Whiting wrote:
> >I thought I'd look a bit further into debugging why audio isn't working in
> >kanagram which uses QtMultimedia via qml to play a chalk sound for each
> new
> >word. I added some debug lines to the qml and found that the MediPlayer is
> >getting ServiceMissing error when it's trying to load the media service. I
> Do you know which service it's trying to load? Also, have you tried a
> "pure Qt" application that should play sound using your Qt installation?
> One from the demos/examples, for instance?
> >also seem to be somehow getting both the _debug.dylib and the .dylib qt
> >libraries loaded somehow as shown here. any idea why that would be? Did I
> >mistakenly build in non debug mode once (creating the multimedia plugin)
> >then again in debug mode or something when building my qt5build build of
> qt
> >dev branch with the qsp patch?
> ...
> >objc[33021]: Class NotificationReceiver is implemented in both
> >/Users/jeremy/devel/kde/src/qt5build/qtbase/lib/libQt5Widgets_debug.5.dylib
> >and /Users/jeremy/devel/kde/src/qt5build/qtbase/lib/libQt5Widgets.5.dylib.
> >One of the two will be used. Which one is undefined.
> Did you ask for a debug-and-release build? I would avoid that if I were
> you, it's unnecessarily complicated. You need to set DYLD_FRAMEWORK_PATH or
> something of the sort to get dyld to load the debug libraries, and I
> remember having had issues with that myself, probably the same. If you want
> to debug Qt code there must be a way to build ONLY a debug version (-O0
> -g), otherwise you have configure options that add debug info to the
> release build (optionally such that "no-separate-debug-info"). That's
> enough to get usable backtraces into Qt code (though it appears the
> platform plugin is compiled without -g).

My configure line is this:
../qt5/configure -debug -separate-debug-info -system-zlib -system-libpng
-system-libjpeg -system-sqlite -dbus-linked -nomake examples -nomake tests
-confirm-license -opensource -developer-build -no-frameork
-I/opt/local/include/dbus-1.0 -L/opt/local/lib I've also set CFLAGS to
-isystem/opt/local/include and CXXFLAGS the same. So are you saying that
-debug and -separate-debug-info are conflicting arguments? i.e.
-separate-debug-info should only be used when doing a release build?


> >
> >QObject::moveToThread: Current thread (0x7f82c9c1e730) is not the object's
> >thread (0x7f82c9d87bf0).
> >
> >Cannot move to target thread (0x7f82c9c1e730)
> Could this be related to your sound issue?
> Qt has an annoying habit of printing this kind of message without even
> trying to identify the object.  Does the Linux gdb allow you to print the
> values of QStrings etc. or do Qt devs only develop in an IDE (Creator...)
> that has a "feature-added" debugger?
> R.
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