[KDE/Mac] kmahjongg on KF5

Marko Käning mk-lists at email.de
Fri Jan 16 01:09:52 UTC 2015

Hi Ian,

now that I have my old QSP patch (which included XDG_CONFIG_DIRS) back in my
qt5 again I can go on playing kmahjongg! :-)

On 23 Dec 2014, at 12:38 , Ian Wadham <iandw.au at gmail.com> wrote:
> Now live dangerously, try and change tile layout, tile theme
> and background theme.  

I could change the board layout successfully, e.g. to “Well” or whatever. :)
Changing tile theme and background is also possible. :)

> Alos try things like Demo

That works. I see the games playing itself. :)

> and Shuffle, in the Move menu.

Yes, it also shuffles correctly. :)

I can rotate the view. :)

> If you can do all those, you will be exercising quite a few
> Frameworks and KDE Games libraries.


>> Could it be that on KF5 some signals go astray?
> Could be true with KF5 on Mac.  KDE 4 uses KApplication and
> its quit() slot.  KF5 apps would use QApplication's quit(), I think.

This seems to have been fixed in the meantime. :)


Clicking “Load” and “Save” is a sucker, as it cannot talk to klauncher,
so that after a while the application crashes. :(

Also there are occasions that it likes to call kded5, which is not running,
so that it falls back to calling kbuildsycoca5, which takes ages to finish,
i.e. about a minute or so:
kf5.kcoreaddons.kdirwatch: fsWatcher->addPath "/Users/marko"
Couldn't start kded5 from org.kde.kded5.service: QDBusError("org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown", "The name org.kde.kded5 was not provided by any .service files") , falling back to running kbuildsycoca5

Also there are Phonon::FactoryPrivate::createBackend() warnings and other


To sum it up, one can play the game fairly well, but one shouldn’t try
to mess with files (yet). :-)


P.S.: Well, and of course all the icons are still missing in the GUI!!

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