[KDE/Mac] QStandardPaths possible solution

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Thu Jan 8 20:06:24 UTC 2015

On Thursday January 08 2015 20:23:23 Marko Käning wrote:
> On 08 Jan 2015, at 19:49 , Jeremy Whiting <jpwhiting at kde.org> wrote:

I find occurrences of that in the qmake source, and in the source of a configure programme (which seems to accept the same options as the configure script).

> Later on you find this:
>                 reinplace \
>                     "s|^set(_qt5_corelib_extra_includes \"\${_qt5Core_install_prefix}/share/qt5//mkspecs/macx-clang.*\")$|set(_qt5_corelib_extra_includes \"\${_qt5Core_install_prefix}/share/qt5//mkspecs/macx-clang-32\" \"\${_qt5Core_install_prefix}/share/qt5//mkspecs/macx-clang\")|" \
>                     ${dir}${qt_frameworks_dir}/cmake/Qt5Core/Qt5CoreConfigExtrasMkspecDir.cmake
> which seems to indicate that the variable ‘_qt5Core_install_prefix' is internally being used by CMake.
> I figure this could be used to pass its contents via CMake into our current QSP patch! :-)

Sadly, no. Those cmake files are only for Qt5 clients, and used to find binaries like qmake.


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