[KDE/Mac] OSX/CI: konversation still fails to run properly

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Tue Feb 24 11:44:55 UTC 2015

> > There ought to be no reason it is now built as an app bundle. I don't
> > think it ever presents a dialog or other widget, it just needs a
> > connection to the window server in order to handle keyboard events.> 
> Looks like your changes never made it into KF5. Good that we’re all able to
> work on KF5 these days! :-D

Why am I not surprised ...
I for one am going to stay away from KF5 until it's ripe to start appearing in MacPorts.

> > Not, I think. It's possible that some patches were made "post-destroot" in
> > MacPorts Portfiles, but I have in fact never looked at that.> 
> Well, that should NOT be done by MacPorts, but rather by CMake at build
> time, don’t you think?

In an ideal world the app devs would assess for each of their applications how it should be built (i.e. using the incantation to create an app bundle on OS X, or a regular executable), and configure the cmake files accordingly. And then they'd make sure the .desktop and .service files contain the proper reference to the executable. So, yeah.

But in practice I don't know how the current approach handles non-standard install prefixes on Linux - say to /opt/local. Are those files rewritten, or do they just make the assumption that the binaries can be found on the path? This could well be something where distribution maintainers come in and modify things, just as MacPorts does. I do know I've run into issues when building stuff on my Linux box and letting it install itself in /usr/local rather than under /usr, but until now I've written that down to the fact the environment isn't really conceived to support multiple prefixes.

Didn't David say that KDE is moving away from using .desktop and/or .service files anyway?


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