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Wed Feb 18 21:42:26 UTC 2015

Ian: see, there shouldn't be anything particular for you to do other than to invoke the cmake command from MacPorts...


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Subject: Re: [Interest] qtchooser and the current importance/interest of QTDIR?
Date: Wednesday February 18 2015, 08:16:11
From: Thiago Macieira
To: interest at qt-project.org

qtchooser is a tool that simply wraps the rest of the Qt tools and runs the 
correct one for you, depending on an argument or the environment. Unlike 
QTDIR, the environment variable (QT_SELECT) points to a configuration file, 
allowing for the more flexible installation setups that have been allowed since 
Qt 3.

As for cmake, the answer is simple: they contain hardcoded absolute paths to 
the Qt tools inside the Qt prefix. Those tools are expected to remain where 
they are and not get renamed. They don't need the "-qt5" argument because 
cmake isn't calling qtchooser, it's calling the tool directly.

For example:

/usr/bin/moc -> qtchooser
/usr/lib64/qt5/bin/moc 	actual tool

The cmake file points to the latter and cmake never runs the former.

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