[KDE/Mac] subport and keyword questions/suggestions

Marko Käning MK-MacPorts at techno.ms
Sun Feb 15 18:33:01 UTC 2015

Hi René,

only now I saw your post and I also wonder what the best approach
would be...

> - Do the build slaves build the default variants of subparts?

Well, actually, I don’t know for sure. I’d say no, but I guess
this needs to be tested, if no-one can tell us. ;-)

> I *think* that the mechanism that's currently in place to let client ports accept qt5-mac-devel instead of qt5-mac should also let them accept qt5-mac[-devel]-kde instead of qt5-mac, but that remains to be confirmed.

Which mechanism is used there? I guess it won’t be as simple
anymore as using depends_lib: 
   depends_lib-append path:lib/libaqbanking.dylib:aqbanking5
since now the various qt5-mac-* installs will all have very
different paths...

> @kde-mac: what do you think, should I prepare a qt5-mac-kde subport? I'd prefer to lay the foundations for that now if we think that there's enough chance it'll become necessary, rather than have to come back to my Portfile code at a future time (and potentially disrupt a lot more Qt5 client ports than I currently have).

This might be a good idea, René.

Having said that I am unsure whether a port, a subport or a
variant is the fail-safest approach.

I wish we had some wiki pages explaining what is the best
choice for portfile development in this respect. Probably we
have such a page even somewhere hidden… :)


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