[KDE/Mac] OSX/CI: poppler fails to build on branch master

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Tue Feb 10 22:09:27 UTC 2015

On Tuesday February 10 2015 22:46:14 Marko Käning wrote:

Hi Marko,

> $ pwd
> /Users/marko/WC/KDECI-builds/kf5-qt5/poppler
> $ find . -name CMakeLists.txt -exec grep openjp2 {} \;

That'd be easier using

%> fgrep -i openjp2 -R . --include=CMakeLists.txt

(or `grep -i '[-]lopenjp2'` if you want to search for `-lopenjp2` ; the regexp removes the need to use the -- option ;))

but that's probably not how you'll find it. You need to look at the output from cmake, identify where it prints something you recognise (might say JPEG2000!) and then find that. Or you look in CMakeCache.txt; it must contain `lopenjp2` and will probably show the variable that is used in the CMakeLists.txt files.

All in all I find it much easier to hack CMake files than configure/autoconf/automake stuff!


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