[KDE/Mac] crash when creating or modifying calendar in contact

John Perry john.perry at usm.edu
Thu Feb 5 04:37:29 UTC 2015


I apologize if this is the wrong list; let me know where to go if so.

I have installed kontact (kdepim4, whatever) via MacPorts onto an OSX Mavericks iMac (2014 edition), and while the mail system and address book seem to work, I crash kontact every time by trying to add a calendar or a calendar event to the default calendar. I don’t have this problem on my Linux installations of kontact, so I imagine it’s an issue with the MacPorts version.

Can anyone suggest where I need to start to get this running? KDE's calendar & todos is one of the prime reasons I want to run kontact instead of Apple’s software. I can tell akonadi messages out the wazoo, if need be.

john perry

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