[KDE/Mac] Change in qt/qtbase[dev]: QStandardPaths: Add XDG_CONFIG_DIRS and XDG_DATA_DIRS paths ...

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Tue Feb 3 19:41:25 UTC 2015

On Tuesday February 03 2015 18:40:58 David Faure wrote:

> Yeah, well, sorry for not having solved every problem on every platform when I 
> did the work on QStandardPaths. It's pretty hard to know how all platforms are 
> supposed to work. In fact I didn't write most of the Mac stuff : 

For the record: I wasn't blaming anyone in particular, even if I used the "you" form instead of the "one" form.

> It doesn't come from KStandardDirs, it comes from QDesktopServices. It's just 

You have one slide in the 2012 presentation that says "KStandardDirs -> QStandardPaths". Agreed, that doesn't necessarily mean that the latter comes from the former, but the arrow does imply that the former is replaced by the latter. Or so I'd hope.

> KStandardDirs. But you make it sound like all Qt developers consider 
> QStandardPaths broken... most of them don't. Tor-Arne seems to, but only 

Not my intention.

> because of iOS, which didn't exist when QStandardPaths was written...

So when exactly was that?

> What one should do instead, is show how this is good for other users of Qt as 
> well. Describe one's own usecase shortly, but make sure to present a case that 
> shows that it is NOT specific to one "Qt user", but rather something that 
> "everyone needs". Where everyone can of course be "every Mac user", or even 
> "every MacPorts user".

I think I've made an honest attempt to do that.

I think I've also made it clear enough what kind of change *I* think would be required for better cross-platform homogeneity among Unix and Unix-like OSes and platforms. I'll see if I can come up with a patch against Qt 5.4.0 and post that here, but other than that it's probably best to stop CC'ing me on this issue.

> behave correctly in Macports". WITHOUT anything specific to KDE's problems, 
> just like you wouldn't want to see things specific to Ford's problems in the 
> reason why something is being changed in Qt.

I don't know how real Ford's problem is, but it doesn't sound like a tiny and semi-independent Ford branch or subsidiary found itself between a rock and a hard place because of a transfer of Ford code into Qt that cut out a bunch of middle-classes that they used for part of their work.


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