[KDE/Mac] Aligning the sockets in kdeinit5 and friends on OS X

Ian Wadham iandw.au at gmail.com
Tue Feb 3 02:23:43 UTC 2015

Hi René,

On 02/02/2015, at 10:08 PM, René J.V. Bertin wrote:
> On Monday February 02 2015 08:35:57 David Faure wrote:
>>> Attached are three tentative patches to fix things so that the same name
>>> is generated everywhere in Frameworks on Apple OS X.  I am proposing
>>> to use "NODISPLAY", rather than the value of $DISPLAY or $MAC_DISPLAY.
>>> One reason is to make sure wrapper.cpp and kinit.cpp use the same name.
>> Works. But looks weird, no?
>> A Mac user looking at the socket name would really wonder what that NODISPLAY 
>> means. I wonder why not just remove that... but ok that's minor.
> I think that whatever is chosen, it should not be interpretable as a valid DISPLAY specification.


> Are there any requirements on the name that reflect requirements on the socket itself and/or (for instance) that client code should be able to derive certain things from the socket name?

The only requirement is that the socket name and location must be the same wherever
it is used (see man socket, man connect).  Or a FD number can be passed around.

> If not, the most elegant thing would be to remove the DISPLAY part from the name on OSes that don't require it.

See my reply to David.  I would like to have *something* meaningful after the "_".

Cheers, Ian W.

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