[KDE/Mac] systemsettings, kde-cli-tools and other plasma components on non-Plasma/non-X11 platforms

Sebastian Kügler sebas at kde.org
Mon Dec 21 13:57:45 UTC 2015

Hi René,

On Monday, December 21, 2015 14:02:59 René J.  V. Bertin wrote:
> Sebastian Kügler wrote:
> > Did you check of X11 dependencies? At least some of the font settings
> > depend on X11.
> Thanks, will do. Makes sense: hinting and AA settings are moot outside of
> X11. However: my Linux build should pick up all required X11 deps so
> something else must be going on too.
> > I didn't have time to address the rest of your rather lengthy email. Sorry
> > for that.
> No problem, but everything doesn't require a point-by-point addressing as
> far as  I'm concerned. My main questions are to what extent I am on my own
> here, or patches are (un)welcome.

I can only speak for myself, I'd welcome patches that

* improve readability, performance or code quality
* fix bugs on Linux, BSD, X11, Wayland platforms
* don't add much complexity, #ifdefs, additional dependencies, build options, 

I'd don't like patches that make it possible to run a Plasma workspace, or 
components that really "don't make much sense" on other platforms, or that 
bring inherent risks to platforms Plasma actually has users on without ticking 
one or more of the above items. I don't like patches that increase complexity 
-- Plasma is already complex enough, to put it mildly.

That's about as general as I can put it.

If you want to run a Plasma workspace on OSX, you're 'probably' on your own 
(but if anyone else on the Plasma team thinks it's a useful or fun exercise, 
you're already two people, so technically not on your own anymore. :)).

A general assumption is that stuff in kde/workspace either isn't suitable or 
really useful on OSX, or that it should move elsewhere (at that point, it may 
make sense to put it into or make it a Framework). You name a few candidates.


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