[KDE/Mac] Review Request 126161: OS X housekeeping

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Tue Dec 1 08:53:06 UTC 2015

On Monday November 30 2015 09:01:25 David Faure wrote:


>I never realized you could pass a shared lib to kwrapper5, that is definitely not the intended usage, and I can tell you, nobody does this ;)

Ok, just to get this straight: it doesn't make sense to pass a shared lib to kwrapper5, but that still leaves the fact that

> The entry point into kdeinit is "start kwrite please". kdeinit decides whether to do that using the kdeinit module (.so) or the executable.

So what you're saying is that we should be fine (by design) if I remove the bit where kdeinit checks to see if it should use the kdeinit module?
For now I've only been looking at launch(), observed it can be called with a shared library and then ensured that that'd work on OS X too.
I suppose what you are implying is that I should look up the caller path to see where kdeinit verifies if there is a kdeinit module for the tool it has been requested to start, and disable that part?


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