[KDE/Mac] Upgrade to 4.13.3 in Macports

Marko Käning MK-MacPorts at techno.ms
Sun Sep 14 14:43:17 UTC 2014

Hi René,

examples for that can be seen e.g. in kmymoney4-devel which allows you to install various aqbanking5 versions/variants which will be accepted by KMM due to this magic:

	depends_lib-append   path:lib/libaqbanking.dylib:aqbanking5 \

Sorry, I mean to write about that already in my previous post. Check out the Guide for further explanations [1].

But as I wrote on KDE-MAC, we should first decide on the next steps before we introduce this on MacPorts' central tree.


[1] https://guide.macports.org/#reference.dependencies.types
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