[KDE/Mac] Help with installation on Xquartz via Fink

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Sun Sep 14 09:46:36 UTC 2014


What Qt and KDE versions are you using?
Qt4 no longer builds for X11 on OS X since version 4.4.x or so, and that limits the version of KDE you can use.
Q_WS_X11 being obsolete on OS X, KDE has been moving to a more native/integrated approach on OS X too. So recent kde-workspace packages (which contain kwin) will, on OS X, not build kwin and other parts that require X11 ... but are you using those or older versions?


On Saturday September 13 2014 23:12:57 Anne & Larry Brunelle wrote:
> Can anyone advise what to do next with this Mac installation?
> Have installed Xquartz on Mavericks, have installed Fink and
> Fink Commander successfully, and have installed every KDE
> package I find listed.  Have reinstalled the kde-base
> package.  But STILL cannot find startkde anywhere, nor
> kwin, so I don't find any way of launching.
> In past years, I've installed Fink and KDE on several Macs,
> and it was as close to easy as this sort of thing gets,
> but this time, I think something is missing.

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