[KDE/Mac] Help, Baloo source has moved, how do I build KDE 4.13?

Ian Wadham iandw.au at gmail.com
Fri May 23 06:09:03 UTC 2014

Hi KDE guys,

Using kdesrc-build version 1.16-pre2 to build a KDE software base,
I find that the Baloo source code has gone missing in the last few
days.  I am trying to build KDE 4.13 (branch-group stable-qt4, which
is described by kdesrc-build as "the latest KDE release + bug fixes").

Baloo source used to be in kdelibs.  Now it seems to be in kde-workspace.

Building kde-baseapps calls for baloo-widgets and kfilemetadata to be built
and that is where my build bombs out, in the CMake phase.

I have been avoiding building kde-workspace up till now,
because I am trying to build on Apple OS X, which has its own
desktop environment and its own indexer for that matter.  So
there should be no need to build either kde-workspace or baloo.

Perhaps I can somehow eliminate the dependency on kfilemetadata
or baloo-widgets?

I have been trying to do this build for three weeks now and have had
nearly 50 attempts.  I thought I finally had victory in my grasp until this
move of Baloo happened.

The build is important because, if I can build a Debug version of KDE libraries,
utilities and apps, we will have a test platform on which to investigate the
many KDE software portability problems that exist on Apple OS X, narrow
down the possible causes and try out solutions.

Also I have a feeling this Baloo move is going to impede our KDE port
developer's efforts to port KDE SC 4.13 to MacPorts on Apple OS X.

Any ideas on how to build Baloo ... or not build it?

Cheers, Ian W.

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