[KDE/Mac] Avoiding baloo trouble

Nicolas Pavillon nicos at macports.org
Thu May 1 17:20:23 UTC 2014


Well, for the little I could see, there is one thing which is pretty convenient with Baloo, 
it is how non-invasive and modular it seems on a code point of view. 
It is possible to build KDE without it, which is not an option with nepomuk. 

This should make it possible to provide it as a variant with Macports, so that users could
have it if desired, but without imposing it or requiring active changes by users who don’t
want it around. 



On May2, 2014, at 0:53, Mario Fux <kde-ml at unormal.org> wrote:

> Am Donnerstag, 01. Mai 2014, 17.27:43 schrieb mk-lists at email.de:
> Morning Marko and Co
>> I just found on the German OpenSUSE mailing list posts which discuss that
>> users actively disable baloo on *Linux* because of the baloo indexer
>> running wild by excessively consuming CPU power as well as memory [1,2].
> Just that we don't spread FUD. I know of a lot of people who experienced that 
> Baloo is quite fast and much better than the Nepomuk system. I just want to 
> avoid that all people think that Baloo is worse or bad. There is definite 
> progress and it works very good for a lot of people but it needs work on 
> 4.13.0 was the first release.
>> This shows that my feeling was right that we must make sure that we can
>> effectively deactivate baloo on OSX for now by using
>> 	$ echo "Indexing-Enabled=false" >>~/.kde4/share/config/baloofilerc
>> The folks said this is comparable to those times back then when nepomuk and
>> strigi where introduced… :-(
>> I figure it’s wise to let the 4.13 ripen a little before we change over on
>> MacPorts to the new version, just as Nicolas said.
> But of course on Mac it'd make sense to disable it (at least for the moment). 
> Best regards
> Mario
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