[KDE/Mac] crashing kactivitymanagerd

Ian Wadham iandw.au at gmail.com
Mon Jun 30 09:34:33 UTC 2014

Hi Marko,

On 29/06/2014, at 10:42 PM, Marko Käning wrote:
> as mentioned earlier I am seeing more often crashes of kactivitymanagerd these days.
> I've attached a typical crash log. In this case the crash was triggered by konversation,
> but I have also cases where it was kactivitymanagerd itself listed as responsible.
> Should I file a ticket at b.k.o, Ian?

As far as I can tell, kactivitymanagerd is part of Plasma, the KDE desktop manager,
which is part of kde-workspace, which AFAIK is not in MacPorts' ports.  But your
crash log shows (in the header) that *something* has started

So how did that get into your /Applications/MacPorts/ area?  And what might have
started it?  Dunno.  Before you report anything, check your builds and installs.

If you meant kactivitymanagerd to go somewhere else in /Applications/, the CMake
option -DBUNDLE_INSTALL_DIR=/Applications/xxx is your friend.

Hope this helps, Ian W.

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