[KDE/Mac] Repository for patches to fix KDE Problems on OS X

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Sun Jun 29 09:25:55 UTC 2014

Hi Ian,

> I have never known what the +debug variant does in KDE in MacPorts
> and have not used it. What I hope it does is just to turn on the debug
> options in CMake and compilers/linkers so that symbol tables and
> source-code line numbers are available to debuggers and crash
> analyzers.

that's exactly what it does.
I've used this in the past in order to get kmymoney4-devel's debug variant
to build and install.

> The developer might not be able to reproduce the crash and might then
> ask the user for a re-run with debug options enabled, which I guess means that
> the user might be re-building and re-installing large slabs of KDE in debug mode,
> if he or she agrees to do so.

yes, which is not a practical thing to do for the average user, since one
needs all this rebuilding all the time. :( Even I did NOT install the debug
variants here on my system. Only now that I am using Parallels I can start
thinking about it.

> From the MacPorts user's point of view, the main thing is to have Dr Konqi
> *run* if a KDE app or library crashes and prompt the user for info, rather than
> let the app just disappear and maybe invite the user to tell Apple.

yes, absolutely! Would be great if that worked in the future!!!

> An auto backtrace with full debug info is cream on the coffee. 

I'd say so. Unless MacPorts' buildbots will be able to also build port variants
we will never get this situation for the normal user.


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